Ultimate Globe Trotter is a travel-focused web series that features Skyd Magazine’s Elliot Trotter playing with top-level ultimate teams from around the world as they prepare for and compete in the biggest tournaments. Through competition, human-interest stories, unique local cultures, and travel, Ultimate GT unites and celebrates the world of ultimate.


Elliot Trotter


Elliot Trotter is a national champion ultimate player and the founder of Skyd Magazine. Elliot has played professionally with the Minneapolis Wind Chill, Vancouver Riptide, and Seattle Rainmakers. He has represented four countries at World Championships including Australia, Denmark, Philippines and Mexico.

David Picon


An esteemed Masters graduate from the International Film School of Paris, Barcelona's David Picon brings a refined vision and rich sense of place in his work. A versatile photographer with an expansive resume, David has captured everything from fast-paced sport to the detail-oriented catalogue of human emotion in film.

Feature photo by Jeff Bell  (UltiPhotos.com)