SomniFix Helping UGT Train and Breathe Right!

By April 26, 2018Announcements

Ultimate Globe Trotter is proud to announce our partnership with SomniFix Mouth Strips. Not only do SomniFix strips reduce snoring and increase sleep quality, but they’re a tremendous training tool that focuses correct breathing while training. UGT and Humiliswag will be using SomniFix to train on the beach in preparation for Beach Nationals this May.

“UGT is a special series that transcends sports to deliver a powerful message in each episode,” said SomniFix founder Nicholas Michalak. “We are very excited to play a small role in UGT8 with our SomniFix Mouth Strips, and we cannot wait to see the final product.”

“Elite-level athletes know that the way you breathe when you train is a critical component of building towards competition. SomniFix’s mouth strips are quickly becoming a training essential,” said host Elliot Trotter. “Nicholas and SomniFix have shown overwhelming support of our vision for UGT and have supplied the show and Humiliswag with Mouth Strips that are helping get our breathing right to win a championship.”


Elliot Trotter

About Elliot Trotter

Elliot Trotter is the host of Ultimate Globe Trotter, and founder of Skyd Magazine.