Introducing the UGT8 Cinematography Team: Axworthy, Kolakovic, Cleary, Luong & Picon

By April 17, 2018Announcements

The production of UGT Episode 8 will span across one European and three US cities. As always, we’re making efforts to deliver the highest quality product possible which is why we’ve partnered with these fantastic cinematographers. Introducing the UGT8 cinematography team:

Alex Axworthy

Photo by Tino Tran

Alex works in Seattle, Washington as a video freelancer.  He’s shot ultimate for over ten years and is best known for directing All-Star Ultimate Tour: The Documentary (2016).

“I am excited to join the creative team behind Ultimate Globe Trotter, ultimate’s best TV show!”

Nathan Kolakovic

Nathan Kolakovic produces video and photography out of Vancouver, BC. Nathan has developed a reputation as one of ultimate’s finest highlight reel producer having created over 100 popular videos for his YouTube channel.

“I’m insanely pumped to come work on this project! When I found out the insane group of videographers I’ll be working with it blew my mind! I can’t wait to see what comes out of this squad!”

Charles Cleary

Charles Cleary is a semi-professional video maker who lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and two bunnies. When not making frisbee videos, he is a project manager for a recycling company.

“I am excited to see Elliot thrive in his natural habitat of Virginia Beach.”

Keane Luong

A graduate at the Art Institute of Vancouver, Keane studied visual effects for two ears and recently finished a one year contract at Moving Picture Company. While he was there he was able to work on projects such as Justice League and The Strain. Now that he has gained experience at the highest level of production, he is ready to assist you on your projects! Keane has also worked along side with Bluepencil Production under Blueprint Production, Solid Events and Funder Media. Keane is our Creative Director, head videographer, editor and Co-Founder of K2 Media & Co.

“I cannot wait to work with this talented video team and also meeting everyone who is part of the project! What could be more fun than shooting some high-level bee tournaments! See you all soon!”

David Picon

An esteemed Masters graduate from the International Film School of Paris, Barcelona’s David Picon brings a refined vision and rich sense of place in his work. A versatile photographer with an expansive resume, David has captured everything from fast-paced sport to the detail-oriented catalogue of human emotion in film. Picon has been behind the camera for the majority of UGT episodes and has provided the team with critical expertise and emotional support.

“Hello again. My name is David Picon and you probably know me from Globe Trotter classics like weefee in Manila, living a month in a kiwi farm because the Aussies didn’t want me, as well as beating the system in Sydney. I have now been asked to follow Elliot around with a camera again, and I am psyched to find my way into some new shenanigans with UGT!”

Elliot Trotter

About Elliot Trotter

Elliot Trotter is the host of Ultimate Globe Trotter, and founder of Skyd Magazine.